Friday, 4 May 2012

Fall Trends _X-mas Sweaters

Polyvore set inspired by Karla Deras :)

Mr Price also has these on offer for the guys

My forever trendy friend, Beasty has beeeen on this trend last year already :p

What do you guys think? Immature or a playful way to keep warm this season?  Either way I'm in!


  1. nice stuff Suga... I should probably "up" my fashion sense this fall ey... but i inly see abantu aba slender apha :-(. Tyebileyo

  2. It's more commonly known as "Fair Isle" prints...
    Ackermans (can you believe) also had a really awesome one for ladieswear!!

    Lovely blog, now following.
    It's great finding other S.A blogs ;)