Monday, 16 April 2012

Winter Looks to Live By

Winter is easily the most difficult and expensive season to dress for. Its the true test of style as more goes into every outfit that you wear.  I wont lie, sometimes I have to fight off the urge to wear a summer dress with tights and boots and a jacket but I am trying to make more and more of an effort.
The trends I've picked up for this Winter are beautiful. I desperately want an embellished coat or jacket and more fitted pants and some gharrish leather boots :)

A fashion house that hits the mark on this trend is Balmain, Kanye West's clothing label, DW also got it right.

High necks, fur, leather, cigarette turnup pants, structured shoulders and embellishments are the order of the season.

Get involved.


  1. looks amazing! love the inspiration! xx

  2. Gosh! stunning stuff! wish we'd get affordable similar stuff