Monday, 16 January 2012

Sundowners and Steaks...

Hey Beautiful People,

Spent the past weekend with my best friend whom I won't see for another few months as she is going back to University today.
We went to my favourite restaurant, RJ's Steakhouse. I love this place! It's a family restaurant without the informalities and extreme casualness of Spur and the incredibly high prices of other restaurants and the portions are hearty and the food is really good.

Strawberry Dacquiri's and Gin Mojito's for the pain...

Me in DIY turban, moms shirt, thrift shorts.

Sikky in a Forever New shirt and earrings,

For starters I had the snails in Roquefort sauce

deep fried prawns on avo

T-bone steak with mash potatoes and creamed spinach and pepper sauce on the side

Sikky had a steak smothered in shrimp and mushroom sauce with mash potatoes, creamed spinach and butternut.

Dessert was cocktails because we were so full we were afraid to roll off our seats!

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  1. Nomnom....looks yum! that Mojito..Gosh!and y'all look gorgeous