Friday, 25 November 2011

My Top 5 Most Iconic Bags.

Hello loves,

I'm not much of a bag person even though I am fully aware of the effect they can have on outfit overall. Well, not just an outfit, but bags also seem to play a fairly large role in someone's impression of you when you first meet. Is it leather? Is it canvas? Is it a knock-off? Could it be designer?  These are all questions I find myself asking in my head when I come across someone with a really good bag.
But then there are also those bags that are special. You can spot them a mile away and their authenticity is never questioned. These bags are timeless and will be stylish for generations to come. They are in fact, iconic.

Here is my Top 5.

My top 5 bags… by sugeezy featuring a louis vuitton satchelBlue leather handbagBalenciaga silver tote, £845Louis vuitton satchelChanel quilted bag

1.  Chanel 2.55
2.  Hermes Birkin bag
3.  Louis Vuitton Alma bag
4.  Celine Boston Bag
5.  Balenciaga