Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Jumpsuits To Suit YOUR Body Shape

Seeing as my post on summer shoes to suit your style was so well recieved I've decided to do another post and help you hunny's get the perfect romper (jumpsuit) to suit your body for this coming festive season.

I absolutely love rompers!! They're the perfect solution to an outfit dilemma. You can dress them down with flat sandals or a wedges/espadrilles for an afternoon lunch with the ladies or you can pair them with some towering platform heels or this summers block heel if your intentions are to dance the night away.

For ladies with petite figures and athletic builds, I suggest that if you want to go for a longer jumpsuit, you try one made of a flowly material, even silk and one which tapers at the end to accentuate bits of your tiny frame instead of making you look like you're drowning in cloth.
For a short jumpsuit, try to find one with frills or with structured details like pockets and an accentuated waist. It will create the illusion that you have curves in all the right places ;)

If you are curvy, you should try one with broader shoulder straps because the spaghetti strap might end up with you looking much heavier than you actually are. A high waist with a loose bottom will allow you to walk comfortable without it riding up. Also if you're looking for a full-length one, a straight leg will balance you out, leaving you looking slimmer and feeling less self-consious when you sit down or get up to dance. 

And finally, if you are pear-shaped, meaning you have that big sexy butt and a small waist and upper body, you should try find a jumpsuit with a detailed chest. Be it frills or a boat line neck, you cant go wrong. The point is to cause a diversion from the fact that your chest is small and bring people's eyes to your tiny waist ;)

Hope that helps

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