Monday, 10 October 2011

No Church in the Wild: A Day at the Zoo :)

Hey lovelies*

Last week sometime, I made a vow to not spend my weekend at a mall doing shopping or whatever and I also vowed I would not spend the weekend at home sitting in front of the tv either!
Being from such a small town there isn't much to do but I finally found something I had never done before... I'd never been to the Zoo!

So like a true tourist I put on my leopard print shirt and made it off to the zoo and tried my best to act cool and unlike the excited tourist I was :)

Ch-ch-check it out :D

I wore a vintage leopard print shirt (by vintage I mean it was a hand-me down of my mothers from the 70's :P), sunglasses and bangles from Mr Price.

the story about this leather bag is an interesting one, my mom had it made for me from scraps of leather left over after she had the dining room chairs re-upholstered. pretty nifty huh? :)

lunch was from woolies. wasnt sure if the kiosk at the zoo only served animal food :/
I kid. I kid.

My favourites. The lion, the white lioness, an endangered spotted jaguar (personally its the most beautil wild cat  EVER) and the negal tiger.

I fed a pony :) I think me and this pony had a moment when we realised my hair and its mane were like one and the same thing! Ha!

Another friendly favourite from the zoo that i will definitely be visiting again soon!


  1. i love your top! the entire outfit!

  2. You are so adorable. I wana go feed animals and shit now too!