Thursday, 29 September 2011


It seems platform shoes have made a big comeback from the early 90s era of the Spice Girls, and I'm not just talking about women but many men have taken a liking to the trend too!
I myself am not too crazy about it as yet, but im quite sure I will get myself a pair soon because I hate being left behind when it comes to fashion >___<

So here are a few pics of the different variations..
Enjoy! xx

these are from Bangkok. East Asians have BEEEN on this trend!

Prada Espadrilles, you've probably seen these on my blog before. I absolutely love them and they're widely popular in Europe.

And over here we have some old school vintage Fila's. Not as glamourous as the Prada's but people loved em way back.


  1. im still undecided about the platform really not sure yet

  2. the ultimate decider if im getting a pair or not will be if Mr Price stocks them! haha! if they do then i'll go out in search of a pair...