Tuesday, 30 August 2011

MTV VMA's 2011

So like a day ago, MTV hosted its Video Music Awards, these are the awards where Kanye interrupted Taylor Swifts acceptance speech for Best Music Video, where Lady Gaga rocked up covered in raw meat, where Lil Mama once gate crashed Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance of Empire State of Mind!!!!! So you best believe when they come around, there WILL be drama.
But this year the drama was beautiful.  It was nothing to make fun of or mock, it was just a wonderful blessing and it came in the form of Beyonce showing and announcing she is having a BABY!
Of course she didnt just come out and tell us she had to first do a song and dance and then bust open her jacket to reveal her baby bump.  Nonetheless I can safely say that 99% of the people who watched the awards enjoyed her performance and are happy for the her and Jay-Z.

I was sorta disappointed (to put it mildly) at some of the outfits people wore.  I feel as though even if your outfit is labelled outrageous you are still better off than the bimbo's and douches who stepped on the Red Carpet in jeans looking like they're off to a night club or something.

Here are some photographs from the awards, some looked lovely and others were a complete nightmare!


My favourites, Jay-Z and Kanye West performing Otis from their latest album Watch The Throne <3

Beyonce performing Love On Top just after she revealed her tummy to all :)

Bey's red carpet baby mama swag*

Kelly Rowland showing off her lucky legs in this dress which i suspect is Marchesa (feel free to correct me)

The newly wed Kim Kardashian Humphries

Miley Cyrus looking regal and oh so grown up and classy.  So proud of her!

Another young lady who seems to be constantly impressing me on the red carpet, Selena Gomez :)

And now for the outfits that made me cringe and want to unplug the tv :/

I seriously have no comment for them  They look like genetically formed pumkins.

No one man should have all this glitter/sequins/sparkle O____o

When bad things happen to good people. smh.

Lady Gaga.

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