Thursday, 25 August 2011

Middle Class Kidz Clothing Photoshoot

Okay, so remember that phresh new clothing label I was telling you about before? The one I was saying my boyfriend started up and stuff? Well over the past weekend we decided it was time to do a shoot and show everybody how an MCK (middle class kid) rolls.
The shoot wasn't without its hiccups.  I mean, it was hard enough getting everyone on time but then the sun was too bright and messing up his shots and then my camera started taking these really weird shots!  The pics were looking like mirages nshit and I was beginning to think we might need to re-do it but what started off as a technical glitch turned out to be a really good thing to happen to these photos.
Check it out :)

Once again, if you are keen to place an order just hit the man behind these great tee's up on +27761637010.
They're 130ZAR each and he can courier them to you (t&c apply).

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